Is only the beginning

Our Coaching will give you the information and knowledge that is necessary for you to start this business. We are here to help you succeed and become as profitable as possible. You will receive the on-going support and resources that will help you become profitable from day ONE.


Price: $2,997

This program tells you how you can start a Christmas light business and become an expert.

Price: $997

The clients are trained in upscaling their business through marketing and lead generation.

Price: $497

This includes setting up an estimated pricing for installations and the total cost.

Price: $247

The clients get access to the online community and Questions and Answers on Facebook.

Price: $197

The clients can attend online sessions to get an overview of the industry. They also get a chance to learn more through Q&A sessions.

Price: $297

Under the Xmas Mentor Box, clients get hands-on training and field experience from experts in the industry.

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