Marketing and Advertising Plan

Flyers + Door hangers

Flyers and door hangers work great. When you are doing installs, either yourself or a team member should walk the block and put out flyers. These work great because they will see your flyer, then they will go out and see your installation, then see your yard signs, then see your ad on Facebook! Research […]

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Facebook and Instagram ads

Facebook Ads!!! Something that we could never have done in the past is target the exact audience we wish to do work for. That’s the beauty of running Facebook campaigns. And unlike paper ads, you can leverage your results on the fly. A lot goes into making ads, first you are going to need a

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Yard Signs

We LOVE yard signs! They are so easy, simple and cheap. Keep the design simple and clean. To much info will distract the lead and cause them not to take down the number. Yard signs will go outside every installation, Everyone! Also, in the neighborhoods where you wish to work. On the roads make sure

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How to get your first client

Here are some of our best tips to get your first clients… If you have a business already, get that contact list together and get in contact with them whichever way you do best. Sometimes its good to give them and introductory discount for already being a client. Early installs, your own home, parents home,

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Marketing & Advertising | Separate yourself from the rest! This is one of James’ favorite things to do. And sometimes its the most simple thing. We are very prominent of clean and simple. Get your idea straight to the point. Don’t confuse the lead with to much information at once. Follow through the next few

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