Estimating and sales systems


They have everything in them. Catalogs are beneficial to you and to the customer. For yourself, its a nice reference for pricing. For customers its a magazine to shop from. What’s nice is they can be printed with out prices and with out the tool catalog in the back. These catalogs get your logo and […]

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Sending Proposal

Always remember to double check your proposals, ensuring you charged what you wanted to and that everything is correct. Everyone has their own way of sending proposals, do what has worked best for you, but do it with passion and drive. Go the extra step to make the potential customer like they are wanted. Work

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Phone call / Google + Renders

What we like to say is from the first phone call to the project completion, we will be in constant communication. Worried you can handle the phone, then answer all their questions before they are asked! Create pamphlets with common problems and FAQ’s. Remember if this is a completely new client and you don’t do

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This is the part that starts to separate you from the rest. We try to be as transparent as possible when sending potential clients a quote. We are here to educate them, not make them feel like this service isn’t for them. Our quotes include itemized sections for example, installation take down and storage of

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